Grant Funds for NAB Youth


To the pastors and churches of the BCBA,
There is funding from the BCBA, up to an amount of $100 per person, for any church sending youth to The Gathering.  Sunshine Ridge Baptist has 18 registered this year and it looks like it’s going to be another awesome experience for youth from all over Canada and the USA to join together to do mission work in the community, and to worship and study together.
See details and registration information below.

Every three years, high school students from across the NAB come together in Orange County for an experience unlike any other. For five jam-packed days, students hear from gifted speakers, sing praises to God, dive into the Word, engage in service projects, and interact with others from across Canada and the US.

This is The Gathering, a youth conference and missions experience that provides students with a variety of thoughtful experiences to dive deeper in faith, community, and service as an opportunity to become ambassadors for Jesus in Orange County and inspire them to serve God and others when they return home. The Gathering is the only venue that assembles students from across the NAB in one place for a time of worship, service, transformation, and fun.


Complete registration packet and details

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