Open Door Fellowship
353 Conner Road, Barriere, BC
(Mailing: Box 1372, Barriere, BC, V0E 1E0)

Dan O’Connell (Moderator)


Grace Gospel Church
‘Cawston Community Hall’, 2119 Main Street, Cawston, BC
(Mailing: 317 Forner Crescent, Keremeos, BC, V0X 1N3)
Office 250.499.7811

Rev. Rick Wiebe (Pastor)


Midtown Church
45657 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2N1
Office 604.792.3988

Rev. Matt Dressler (Lead Pastor)
Rev. Dave Kirsch (Children & Families)
Pastor Lloyd Andersen (Visitation)


Summit Drive Church
1975 Summit Drive, Kamloops, BC, V2E 2K7
Office 250.828.1333

Dr. Dave Fields (Lead Pastor)
Rev. Harry Bicknell (Associate Pastor)
Pastor Colton Conrad (Youth Pastor)
Rev. Russell Wilson (Executive Pastor)
Dr. Jill Enns (Children & Family Ministry Pastor)


Grace Baptist Church
1150 Glenmore Drive, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4P3
Office 250.763.3457 | Fax 250.762.0589

Rev. Andy Dietrich (English Pastor)
Rev. Eduard Hahn (German Pastor)
Pastor Brent Iseli (Associate Pastor)
Pastor Dallas Evans (Associate Pastor)

Trinity Church
1905 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 7V7
Office 250.860.3273 | Fax 250.860.9466

Pastor Wayne Alguire (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Scott Lanigan (Executive Pastor)
Jim Kay (Director of Operations)
Kevin Nichol (Director of Finance)
Pastor Jared Patterson (NextGen Grade School Pastor)
Pastor Sarah Stanley (Pastor of Next Gen Mobilization)
Pastor Joz Barendregt (Pastor of Music and Innovation)
Pastor Josh Raine (Spiritual Formation Pastor)
Pastor Carol Wiebe (Trinity Kids Associate Pastor)
Pastor Brad Bender (Pastor of Family Care and Seniors)
Pastor Twyla Schlenker (Director of Discipleship Development)
Dr. Gordon Fletcher (Trinity Care Chaplain)
Dave Huber (Director of Weekend Production, Spaces & Places)
Andrew Stanley (Director of Innovation & Experience)


Rose of Sharon Baptist Church
Also home of: Aldergrove Christian Academy & New Life Christian Counselling
26245 28 Avenue, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2W3
Office 604.857.7777 | Fax 604.857.0088

Pastor David Strauss (Lead Pastor)
Pastor Justin Poehlke (Pastor of Family Ministries)

The Grove
20784-93 Avenue, Langley, BC, V1M 2W5
Office 604.888.2623

Rev. Lyle Anderson (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Noah Wiebe (Youth)


New Hope Bible Fellowship
923 Main Street, Oroville, WA USA 98844
Office 509.560.4711

Pastor Mark Fast (Senior Pastor)


Osoyoos Baptist Church
6210 97 Street, Osoyoos, BC, V0H 1V4
Office 250.495.6581

Pastor Phil Johnson (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Richard Andres (Associate Pastor)


College Heights Baptist Church
5401 Moriarty Crescent, Prince George, BC, V2N 4C5
Office 250.964.4181 | Fax 250.964.7742

Rev. Curtis Reimer (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Todd Wilkins (Associate Pastor)
Joyel Huber (Children’s Church Coordinator)

Fort George Baptist Church & Lighthouse
1600 Johnson Street, Prince George, BC, V2M 3A6
Office 250.564.6287

Pastor Dan Hoffman (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Spencer Price (Family Ministries Pastor)

Hartland Baptist Church
6599 Driftwood Road, Prince George, BC, V2K 4E4
Office 250.962.8641 | Fax 250.962.0570

Pastor Joel Carlaw (Pastor of Outreach)


Bethany Baptist Church
22680 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC, V6V 1B7
Office 604.519.0123

Pastor Christine Pfortmueller (Executive Director)
Joe Kung (Director of Adult & Chinese Ministries)
Kathy Holmes (Director of Children’s Ministries)

Cornerstone Evangelical Baptist Church
7890 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC, V6Y 2V2
Office 604.303.9181 | Fax 604.303.9187

Rev. Raymond Seetoh (Pastor)
Rev. Kam Wah Benedict Chan (Pastor)

Gather Church Steveston
209-8760 No. 1 Road, Richmond, BC, V7C 4L5
Office 778.870.4397

Darren & Crista Lof (Planters)


Redeemer Chinese Baptist Church
“St. Luke Lutheran Church” 10177 148 Street, Surrey, BC
(Mailing: 10187 173 Street, Surrey, BC, V4N 4H6)
Office 604.727.5588

Rev. Joseph Li (Senior Pastor)

Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church
6230-120 Street, Surrey, BC, V3X 1Y7
Office 604.594.5512

Rev. Tim Doling (Lead Pastor)
Pastor Gary Li (Associate Pastor)
Pastor Grant Kirlik (Youth Pastor)


Zion Baptist Church
2911 S. Sparks Street, Terrace, BC, V8G 2T4
Office 250.638.1336

Rev. Brad Reid (Senior Pastor)
Melinda Bahr (Ministry Coordinator)


Acts 29
“Pilgrim Baptist Church” 6075 Inverness Street, Vancouver, BC
(Mailing: 74 East 40 Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5W 1L4)
Office 604.327.8534

Pastor Jacob John (Senior Pastor)

Ebenezer Baptist Church
6858 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC, V5X 3V1
Office 604.324.7674 | Fax 604.324.7675

Grant Gwynn (Director of Music)

Faith Chinese North American Baptist Church
VANCOUVER CAMPUS 6858 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC, V5X 3V1
Office 604.327.1313 | Fax 604.327.1314

SURREY CAMPUS 15964 88 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4N 1H5
(Mailing: 6858 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC, V5X 3V1)
Office 604.588.8279 | Fax 604.588.8279

TRI-CITY CAMPUS 1415 Noons Creek Drive, Coquitlam, BC, V3E 2T7
(Mailing: 6858 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC, V5X 3V1)
Office 604.249.0765

Dr. Yujian Hong (Senior Pastor)
Rev. Steven Shi (English Congregation)
Pastor Jackie Jiang (Chinese Congregation)
Pastor Li Jiao (Chinese Congregation)
Pastor Tinlai Yung (Chinese Congregation)
Pastor Chengjun Wu (Children’s Ministry & English Congregation)
Mr. Nim-On Pong (English Congregation Deputy Director)

Immanuel Baptist Church
109 East 40 Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5W 1L6
Office 604.327.4010

Pastor Caleb Park (Korean Ministries)

Pilgrim Church
6075 Inverness Street, Vancouver​, BC, V5W 3P8
Office 604.301.1006

Rev. Shel Boese (Lead Pastor)
Andrés Pérez González (Worship Director)

Vancouver Zion Church
5680 Ash Street, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 3G7
(Mailing: 469 46th Ave W, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2X4)
Office 778.680.1047

Rev. David Cho (Lead Pastor)
Pastor Don Lee (Associate Pastor)


Faith Baptist Church
3908-27 Street, Vernon, BC, V1T 4X7
Office 250.545.7700


Lakeview Heights Baptist Church
2630 Alhambra Drive, West Kelowna, BC, V1Z 2Z3
Office 250.769.5922

Rev. Jeff Gates (Senior Pastor)
Pastor Kevin Bessey (Worship & Fellowship)
Pastor Chris Miller (Student Ministries)

WestMOUNT Church
‘Xtreme Landmark Cinemas’, 525 British Columbia 97, West Kelowna, BC
(Mailing: #430-1632 Dickson Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 7T2)
Office 250.864.8166

Pastor Roger Liegmann (Lead Pastor)
Pastor Carrie Liegmann (Pastor)
Nathan Lewke (Discipleship)
Victoria Jung (Worship)

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