Bethany Baptist Church

Microsoft Word - BLT Outreach Events.docxMicrosoft Word - BLT Outreach Events.docxOther ways that Bethany Baptist Church in Richmond is using the grant funds:

  1. 100 kids’ Bibles purchased for non-churched kids.
  2. Hanging flower baskets at neighbour’s houses for those going through a hard time.
  3. A banquet for our Day Dare workers.
  4. Three different community block parties.
  5. Clothes for the homeless.
  6. Pizza for a staff appreciation and pizza for men in low income housing.
  7. Taking a family out for supper whose father was just diagnosed with cancer.
  8. Participation in Hamilton Community Carnival.
  9. Subsidizing 3⁄4 of the cost for 23 single moms and 48 kids to go to camp.
  10. Designing phase one of a Coffee house/Art gallery for after service fellowship and midweek community outreach.
  11. Hiring a student to run 4 summer backyard VBS’s.
  12. 11 families taking Chinese Alpha.
  13. Purchase of “Becoming a Welcoming Church” for every family at Bethany.


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