The BCBA along with 150 other denominations have signed the following statement that condemns all racism.

We grieve and mourn the continued racism against all people. Specifically, we are saddened by the rise in verbal and physical attacks on Asian Canadians. We acknowledge that recent incidents in Canada and the United States have occurred within a growing context of anti-Asian racism and violence.

In honour of Asian Heritage Month and the upcoming centenary of Canada’s Exclusion Act (1923), we condemn these activities in Canada and around the world.

Anti-Asian racist incidents have grown at unprecedented rates since 2020. Asian Heritage Month reminds us of both the contributions made by the Asian communities and of sad historical realities such as the Head Tax, the Vancouver Anti-Asian Riots of 1907 and the internment of Japanese Canadians during World War II. Anti-Asian rhetoric and violence amplified by COVID-19 also remind us that Asian women and seniors continue to be disproportionately affected by incidents of racism.

We stand with and for Asian and BIPOC Canadian communities. We see and affirm the anger, grief, pain and fear of Asian-Canadian families. We pledge to support you and will follow up through community care events for those wrestling with the emotional, spiritual and psychological impact of these racist incidents.

As Christian leaders, we categorically condemn the sin of racism. We acknowledge that racism may take many forms, from overt violence and threats to racial microaggressions, dismissiveness and omissions. We exhort our community members to consider their own words and deeds, and to endeavour to learn more of our shared history.

We commit ourselves to challenge all forms of racism and discrimination. We must continue to work together to build a just and caring British Columbia for ourselves and for future generations. Now is the time for renewal of our commitment to work to rectify racial and socio-economic inequities.

How can we bring justice and beauty to our cities, province and nation? Statements are not enough. Please consider ways we can encourage, ally, report and pursue greater vigilance in protecting our communities from racism. Let us look out for the vulnerable as we consider various forms of Bystander Training and Awareness. Consider allyship through your consumer choices by patronizing Asian and BIPOC restaurants and retail establishments.

Anyone seeking counseling resources may wish to contact our counseling collaborators, including those listed on the link, and use or support the free faith-based resources available via Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries. (www.sanctuarymentalhealth.org/2021/04/01/stop-asian-hate/)

May our Lord continue to lead us to establish greater awareness, compassion and justice with our Asian and BIPOC family so that we may love and serve one another as unto the Lord. We pray that we will model a more redemptive society based on Jesus’ love and example as we seek to follow His teachings in Scripture.

By God’s grace and mercy,

Dr. Bob Krahn
Executive Minister

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