Triennial 2021

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Due to the ongoing concerns over COVID-19 and the difficulties in international travel, much of which likely not be fully alleviated by July 2021, the Governing Board has decided to move Triennial to a virtual platform. Excitingly, this also means we will be able to waive all registration fees. This means the entire Triennial conference will be free. Every main session. Every breakout session. Everything.

Though we will mourn the loss of many aspects we all love from Triennials past, we are excited about the opportunities this new format will afford us and about the accessibility made possible by free Triennial.

Many of the details will continue to be worked out in the coming months, but Efrem Smith, Julie Canlis, and James Choung will still be joining us to teach on the topic of Reimagining Hospitality. Registration will open in the new year.

Save the Date: July 8–11

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