The Grove, Langley

The Grove

Following is a little report on a few things (pre-Covid) we have been able to do with the provision of funds for outreach within our community.

1. Christmas Photo and Breakfast outreach on November 15 and 16. We engaged 3 photographers to take family photos “Just in Time for Christmas” and invited everyone to a dessert night and bake sale on Friday night, and then the Family Photos “Just in Time for Christmas” with a breakfast on Saturday morning. We served about 50 families for the dessert night on Friday and 150 breakfasts on Saturday morning. It was a great outreach to our community that everyone wants to repeat next year. We were able to raise $ 450 for the Langley Food Bank from the Bake Sale. Some participants have found their way into our congregation.

2. Community Choir. We were able to present a Christmas Choir and Carol Sing on December 13th. This was an outreach event that presented the Christmas Story with a message of hope. It was presented in a decorated table atmosphere followed by delicately plated desserts and drinks. There were 120 in attendance. We were able to raise $ 1,245 with an offering for the Langley Food Bank. A community outreach event that wants to be repeated. The Choir is now preparing for an Easter Event in April. Some choir members have found their way into our congregation.

3. English Conversations. This event is scheduled bi-weekly in a non-threatening environment to help new immigrants with conversational English. It has been very successful with a small group of 14 individuals from a number of countries who are encouraged and helped to communicate in the English Language. All are grateful for the opportunity to learn and some have found their way into our church congregation.

4. Some outreach events we are planning in the near future are as follows:
a. Homeless outreach
b. Marriage seminar
c. Art Teaching event
d. Outdoor Sporting games and events
e. Spring/summer Community BBQ

We sincerely thank the NAB BC Association for the insight on helping the churches be able to do outreach events into our communities. What a great blessing it has been to our church here in Walnut Grove, Langley.
Peace and Blessings,
Pastor Lyle
The Grove Church
(Walnut Grove) Langley, BC

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