Happy New Year – 2019

Happy New Year fellow pastors and leaders,

As we celebrate the end of 2018 today my heart is full of so many memories of praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Our BC Association has been blessed with Christ centred churches and pastors who did not compromise when the government imposed a ‘values’ test in order to qualify for the summer jobs program.  Our pastors’ conference in Sumas brought together pastors from 70% of our churches who worshipped, prayed and shared together for 3 awesome days.  The interest in church planting continues to gain momentum and we had 36 delegates to the C2C Church Planting conference this year.  After a couple years of prayer and dialogue our Evergreen Campus of Care board of directors came to the conclusion that the best course for the future of the Care Centre would be to turn it over to Baptist Housing, a well respected senior’s care provider with multiple centres across BC.  Their generosity to our Association for this gift to them will greatly assist our Association in years to come.  
The greatest blessing for me as the Executive Minister is the privilege of working with our Executive Committee.  I have never had such a group of dedicated men and women who are so committed to Kingdom growth and ministry.  

On a personal note, my wife was finally able to get the renovations done in the kitchen that she had been wanting to get done for several years.  Her cataract surgery was successful and resulted in her not having to wear glasses any more.  PTL

While I have so much to reflect on and be thankful for, there is nothing better than to end my year and begin the next one by giving praise to God.  On one of the many emails I receive, one from Zondervan Bibles came with a list of praise scriptures.  I would like to end my year of thankfulness to God by sharing them with you today.

May God give you good memories of his Grace from 2018 and bright hope for the year to come.

Happy New Year,


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